Study in Canada

Directory of Universities, Colleges and Schools in Canada
All institutions (other than elementary and secondary schools) that are recognized, authorized or approved by the competent authorities in Canada
Directory of Institutions and Organizations authorized to use the Imagine Education au/in Canada brand
Directory of Canadian Elementary and Secondary Schools outside Canada
Elementary and Secondary Schools in Canada
Admission to universities and colleges in Canada (Fact Sheet No. 1)
All you should know if you are planning to come to Canada to study in a higher education institution
Postsecondary Education in Canada
Reference material and detailed descriptions of postsecondary education systems in Canada's provinces and territories
Recognized Postsecondary Education Programs in Canada

Foreign Credential Recognition
What you need to know about the assessment and recognition of foreign credentials, and which services to contact
Student Financial Assistance
The main sources of information regarding student loans and bursaries, as well as foreign student exchange programs
Online and Distance Education
International, national and provincial/territorial resources on online and distance learning (ODL)
Learning English or French in Canada
Where to turn to find a program or a school to learn English or French, or to improve your competency in either language
Immigrating to Canada
Links to the reference sites on immigration to Canada and to the sites designed by the provinces for potential immigrants

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