Elementary and Secondary Schools in Canada

In Canada, provinces and territories are responsible for their elementary and secondary schools, both within and without their geographical borders. This page links, for each jurisdiction, to resources — maintained by the appropriate competent authorities — on domestic and offshore schools, and is intended, in particular, to help non-resident students and parents locate institutions that correspond to their needs and preferences.

Secondary Education in Canada: A Student Transfer Guide is a publication of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, (CMEC) that provides useful curricular information from Canada's 10 provinces and three territories, as well as information on the assessment of studies done out-of-province/territory and outside Canada (see Section 11). It should be used in conjunction with official documents, such as student transcripts, which may remain the best guide for determining the most appropriate course of studies for transfer students.

British Columbia
  • Manitoba Schools, School Divisions and Districts
    Contact information for Manitoba schools, school divisions and districts, including maps, calendar dates and school board contacts
  • Affiliated Schools Overseas
    Manitoba works with partners overseas to make our excellent kindergarten to grade twelve curricula available to students in other countries.
  • Distance Learning
    In Manitoba, distance learning has three options: Independent Study Option, Teacher Mediated Option and Web-based Course Option.
New Brunswick
  • School Directory
    Directory of school, district office and administrator information for the New Brunswick public school system
  • Schools and Districts
    Directory of schools (public, private, native and others schools), school districts and school councils
Nova Scotia
Northwest Territories
  • School Information Finder
    Use the School Information Finder to search for publicly funded schools in Ontario and learn more about them. Search by town/city, school board, postal code or school name.
  • Private Elementary and Secondary Schools
    In Ontario, all private schools that operate in the province are considered businesses or non-profit organizations. Consumers are advised to exercise due diligence with respect to contracts with private schools.
  • Overseas Schools
    The Ministry of Education authorizes a number of overseas secondary schools to grant credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
  • Independent Learning Centre (ILC)
    The ILC is mandated by the government of Ontario to provide distance education and GED testing. It offers Ontario credit courses in English and French for grades 9 to 12, as well as the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and the GED testing program.
Prince Edward Island
  • Contact a School or School Board
    Contact a School or School Board: search for any PEI public or private schools which have grades 1-12.
  • Canadian International School Tokyo (CIS)
    CIS is a private co-educational institution which offers the complete Canadian K-12 program. Canadian-certified professional teachers conduct the classes in English using the same methods and resources as in the schools located in Canada.
  • School Directory
    Table of the Yukon's public schools, with school contact information, grade range, and appropriate supervisory personnel
  • Yukon Education Student Network
    List of schools in Whitehorse and rural schools, with grade level, e-mail address and link to Web site

Canada-Wide Resources

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