Foreign Qualification Evaluation and Recognition in Canada

Canada's International Academic Credential Evaluation and Assessment Services will compare your studies to studies done in one of Canada's education systems.
Recognition of qualifications for employment in Canada — If you want to work in Canada, this fact sheet outlines how you will need to proceed, depending on whether your occupation is regulated or not.
Our Profiles for selected trades and professions will also guide you through the process.
Admission to Canadian universities and colleges — Because higher education institutions make their own admission decisions, this fact sheet explain what you need to know to apply to them directly.  Additionally, the resources below will help you locate the institutions and programs of your choice and verify their status.
Directory of Universities, Colleges and Schools in the Provinces and Territories of Canada
Information for Canadians Planning to Study Abroad — In this fact sheet, Canadians contemplating study abroad are strongly advised to obtain guidance on the status and acceptability of their chosen program, institution, and credential prior to making any commitment.
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition in Canada — This fact sheet explains the PLAR process, which helps adults demonstrate and obtain recognition for learning acquired outside of formal education settings.
Recognition of Refugee Qualifications — Canada offers protection to people who are eligible to claim refugee status. The recognition of their qualifications often poses specific problems.

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