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InstitutionCitypostal CodelatitudelongitudeCountryLEVEL OF EDUCATIONLEGAL STATUS
4152 Anhui Concord College of Sino-Canada (ACCSC) Wuhu24100031.3764560118.4587540 China offshore school Authorized
4138 Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada (BCCSC) Beijing10111839.9412717116.7310875 China offshore school Authorized
4193 Canadian International School of Beijing Beijing10012539.9510460116.4654930 China offshore school Authorized
7361 Canadian International School of Hefei Hefei23008831.8414281117.1998825 China offshore school Authorized
8250 Canadian International School of Shenyang (CIS-S) Shenyang11016741.9763797123.5999156 China offshore school Authorized
8198 Canadian School of Niterói Rio de Janeiro24350-350-22.9385240-43.0657989 Brazil offshore school Authorized
4226 Canadian Trillinium School (CTS) Dhaka121223.800450790.4091428 Bangladesh offshore school Authorized
7859 Colégio Santo Agostinho - ‎Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte30180-001-19.9258886-43.9497544 Brazil offshore school Authorized
7366 Colégio Santo Agostinho - Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro22430-220-22.9844885-43.2213251 Brazil offshore school Authorized
7365 Colégio Santo Agostinho - ‎Unidade Nova Lima Nova Lima34000-000-19.9920119-43.9289744 Brazil offshore school Authorized
8773 École canadienne Galileo Galilei Ben Arous    Tunisia offshore school Authorized
8248 Fuzhou Concord College of Sino-Canada (FCCSC) Fuzhou 26.0821050119.3285150 China offshore school Authorized
4225 Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canada (GCCSC) Guiyang 26.6476610106.6301540 China offshore school Authorized
4314 Harbin Yingsha Concord College of Sino-Canada (HYCCSC) Harbin15002845.8164328126.5669929 China offshore school Authorized
4315 Hunan Concord College of Sino-Canada (HCCSC) Changsha41020828.0136150112.9864990 China offshore school Authorized
4195 International School of Nanshan Shenzhen (ISNS) Shenzhen51805222.5188764113.9264861 China offshore school Authorized
4179 International School of St. Lucia (ISSL) Rodney Bay 00 Saint Lucia offshore school Authorized
8249 Lanzhou Concord College of Sino-Canada (LCCSC) Lanzhou 36.1033591103.6651538 China offshore school Authorized
7364 Qingdao Concord School of Sino-Canada (QCCSC) (Sino-Canada Concord School Of Qingdao) Qingdao 36.0671170120.3826120 China offshore school Authorized
4147 Shenzhen (Nanshan) Concord College of Sino-Canada (SCCSC) Shenzhen51805222.5291150113.9280930 China offshore school Authorized
7362 Sino-Canada Concord School Of Hefei High-Tech Zone (SCCSH) Hefei23008831.8414281117.1998825 China offshore school Authorized
8053 Xi'an Concord College of Sino-Canada (XCCSC) Xi'an 34.3415750108.9397700 China offshore school Authorized

*This directory contains only CURRENTLY recognized, authorized, registered, and/or licensed educational institutions. You may get more information about the Directory of Offshore Schools and International Education Resources to learn about its content and the terminology used.