Choose an opportunity offered by an educational institution in Canada

Many educational institutions in Canada offer their students opportunities to gain international experience. Through partnerships and formal agreements, they promote the mobility of students enrolled in their academic programs. These can be short- or long-term.

You could participate in international activities such as:
  1. taking part in an international exchange program or field study;
  2. selecting a joint academic program;
  3. studying at a branch campus abroad, or at a Canadian overseas school;
  4. studying through distance and on-line academic programs.

Use the Directory of Educational Institutions in Canada to find the international office at your chosen institution. Then, contact them directly to learn about specific international opportunities and how to apply.

Name of educational institution:

What are those international activities?

  1. Studying in Canada to complete all or part of an academic program, which includes a short-term stay abroad to either:
    • continue your academic program;
    • fill a visiting researcher position;
    • learn another language through immersion;
    • gain work experience through an internship;
    • gain intercultural experience through non-academic activities.
  2. Studying in Canada and at an institution abroad in a joint academic program, such as a:
    • joint degree;
    • double degree;
    • co-tutelle.
  3. Studying at a branch campus abroad of a Canadian postsecondary institution, or at a Canadian overseas school.

  4. Studying anywhere in the world by enrolling in an academic program offered by an institution through distance or on-line methods.