Identify the documents to be recognized

It is important to submit documents for assessment according to the specific procedure prescribed by the organization responsible for recognizing your qualifications. Those requirements are usually published on their Web site.

When seeking recognition of credentials, it is essential to identify the documents required for assessment by the authorities in Canada and the terminology used to describe them, such as:

  1. Academic credentials are usually issued by an educational institution and may include:
    • diploma(s) or degree certificate(s);
    • transcript(s)/mark sheets/index;
    • detailed course outline(s).
  2. Professional qualifications are usually issued by a professional regulatory authority or association in an occupation and may include a:
    • certificate of competency or qualification;
    • professional qualification certificate or licence to practise.

Visit CICIC's Directory of Occupational Profiles to find the contact information for the organization responsible for recognizing your qualifications and to assist you in locating information on the required documents stipulated on their Web site.

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Terminology Guide for Academic Credential Assessment in Canada

There is diversity in the terminology used in the field of academic credential assessment in Canada. This on-line guide helps individuals to understand the information pertaining to recognition and assessment of credentials, both for academic and professional qualifications.

Search CICIC's Terminology Guide for Academic Credential Assessment in Canada to learn about the terminology used in credential recognition.