Confirm that all required documents have been received and that the assessment process has begun

If your organization's document requirements are met, steps are taken to inform the applicant that the assessment process has begun and to provide information about the next steps.

For the applicant:
  • Send an acknowledgement to indicate that:
    • the assessment application package has been received and the assessment process has begun; and
    • your organization's document requirements have been met.
  • Send information about the next steps;
  • Update processing timelines and the point of contact (if necessary).

Comply with the Pan-Canadian Quality Assurance Framework for the Assessment of International Academic Credentials (QAF)

This step complies with guiding principles 13, 14, and 15 of QAF.

Consult QAF to get more information.

Consult additional resources

You may find useful information in other resources, such as:
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  2. EAR-HEI Consortium (EP-Nuffic, ENIC-NARIC France, ENIC-NARIC Latvia, ENIC-NARIC Ireland, European University Association (EUA), ENIC-NARIC Lithuania, ENIC-NARIC Denmark, ENIC-NARIC Poland and Tuning Educational Structures in Europe). (2016). European Recognition Manual for Higher Education Institutions (EAR-HEI), part III, item 11.
  3. World Education Services – Canada. (2012). Best Practices: Strategies and Processes to Obtain Authentic International Educational Credentials, chapter 6;