Improve human-resources-management policies and practices within your organization

A competency profile comprises all the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values (collectively referred to as a competency) that need to be integrated in order to be able to perform within a given role. The competency profile of an academic credential assessor identifies 27 key competencies, categorized under five functional groups.

The use of the competency profile will:
  • improve human-resources-management policies and practices within your organization, and ultimately;
  • reflect on the quality of the assessment being conducted by assessors.

Manager's perspective

More specifically from the manager's perspective, this tool enables:
  • the identification of the organization's staffing needs to successfully administer an academic credential assessment service in, for example:
    • an admissions department;
    • a professional regulatory authority or association of a regulated profession (for professional licensure); or
    • an apprenticeship office (for professional certification).
  • a more effective hiring process through:
    • writing an accurate job description and posting adaptable to particular groups with a different level of competency, such as:
      • newly qualified individuals;
      • experts/senior assessors; or
      • management roles.
    • preparing the interview process (e.g., panel questions, written assessment);
    • selecting the best candidate to fit the role's requirements;
    • offering competitive compensation and retention strategies.
  • benchmarking for performance assessment and review;
  • improved career management of employees through the identification of continuing professional development opportunities, thus providing opportunities for them to expand their:
    • scope of practice; and
    • expertise in areas of interest.
  • the development and delivery of internal training programs for targeted competencies; and
  • planned transition periods, when employees take up or leave their role.

Assessor's perspective

From the assessor's perspective, many of the elements described above may also apply. More specifically, this tool enables:
  • the identification of new professional opportunities and preparation for potential hiring processes by being aware of their skill set;
  • the identification and acquisition of new competencies based on labour-market needs; and
  • the delivery of optimal performance within their role.

You may get more information about the competency profile for an academic credential assessor to learn how it was developed and its content.

Are you searching for new job opportunities?

Use the competency profile to prepare for the hiring process with an organization seeking to hire a community member.

You can do this by:
  • fine tuning your résumé to highlight your current competencies;
  • taking advantage of professional development opportunities to acquire new competencies

You may search for employment within the academic credential assessment community and connect with organizations that are seeking to hire top talent.