Hire top talent from the academic credential assessment community

Within the academic credential assessment community, CICIC acts as a hub supporting the organizations involved in credential assessment and recognition in Canada. We can facilitate your hiring process by connecting you with interested candidates within this community.

Post a job opportunity

If your organization has a job opportunity and you wish to disseminate it to the community, contact CICIC to determine eligibility, and provide:
  • a Web URL pointing to the job posting on your organization's Web site. If this is not possible, please send the posting by e-mail as a PDF attachment;
  • an English and French version of the same information if possible.

This service is free of charge for organizations. CICIC will assess all requests on a case-by-case basis.

Channels used for dissemination

Job opportunities are disseminated on a regular basis through:

The information will remain posted for a period of 60 days (or less if the position has been filled).

You may search for employment within the academic credential assessment community currently posted on CICIC's Web site.

Use the competency profile to support your hiring process

The Competency Profile for an Academic Credential Assessor was developed between 2010 and 2012.

It is intended to help organizations employing academic credential assessors to:
  • improve human-resources-management policies and practices; and
  • increase the professionalism of their workforce.

It Identifies the key competencies, attitudes, and values needed for roles in this field.

Get more information on how to improve human resources management policies and practices within your organization, and use this tool to support your current/future hiring processes.