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What is CICIC's tool box?

The tool box allows you to add or update basic information about:
  • your organization;
  • a specific contact person.
For registered members of the pan-Canadian community of academic credential assessors, it also offers:
  • various tools to support the assessment and recognition process;
  • a discussion platform for exchanges among experts in the field.

Initially, users must submit a registration request. Once registered, users will be able to access the tool box.

Learn about each tool found in CICIC's tool box

A number of tools have been developed and are accessible on-line through CICIC's tool box. Some of these tools specifically target and are accessible to the pan-Canadian community of academic credential assessors only.

1. Organization profile update

CICIC lists various organizations in different Web pages and directories of its Web site. As such, a representative of a listed organization is able to add or update basic information for this organization. It may include:
  • general contact information;
  • Web address / URL;
  • references to corporate social media accounts; and/or
  • name and contact information of a representative of the organization.

2. Directory of Comparability Assessment Outcomes

The directory includes:
  • detailed profiles on the education systems and academic credentials of 12 countries;
  • information on the provincial and territorial education systems in Canada;
  • comparability assessment outcomes for academic credentials issued within the 13 education systems in Canada.
The information was compiled on the basis of the views and practices shared by members of a working group comprising representatives from:
  • academic credential assessment services;
  • educational institutions;
  • regulatory bodies.

The directory provides a set of references for the benefit of the pan-Canadian community of academic credential assessors to guide their decision process when assessing comparability within their respective context. It does not provide definite outcomes that academic credential assessors would be required to adopt. Comparability assessment outcomes within each organization reflect the opinion of working-group members and do not represent a commitment by their respective organizations.

CICIC seeks to foster a climate of information sharing and open dialogue among the pan-Canadian community of academic credential assessors. The directory provides a members-only collaborative space wherein academic credential assessors can confidentially discuss issues related to best practices in credential assessment and recognition. CICIC welcomes contributions from the pan-Canadian assessment community to help continuously improve the information published in this directory.

Read more about the Directory of Comparability Assessment Outcomes to learn about its content, the terminology used, and how to participate in its ongoing development.

3. EVALUATION listserv

This electronic mailing list is a forum for the pan-Canadian community of academic credential assessors to share information about academic and professional qualifications issued outside Canada that may not be included in the directory above. Assessors can share information, ask for and receive answers to queries, and build their professional network.

The EVALUATION listserv is meant to facilitate the kind of collaboration and sharing of expertise among academic credential assessors in assessment services, postsecondary educational institutions, regulatory authorities, and other organizations that will really help you in your assessment and recognition work.

Read more about the EVALUATION listserv to learn about this on-line service, its guidelines, and how to participate in this pan-Canadian forum.

Who can access CICIC's tool box?

Access for the purpose of adding or updating basic information in the organization profiles is open to employees representing those organizations listed in the different Web pages and directories of the CICIC Web site.

Access to all other tools is only open to individuals within the pan-Canadian community of assessors who are:

CICIC will assess all requests for access on a case-by-case basis.

Register to access CICIC's tool box

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