What we do

A key part of CICIC's mandate is to provide information and referral services to individuals and organizations on mobility and credential recognition, which is primarily achieved through our on-line presence and accessibility.

Through the individual portal, you will find information on the credential recognition process to study or work in Canada or abroad, along with the following directories:

Through the assessor portal, you will find the toolbox of international academic credential assessment resources, as well as selected webinars developed in partnership with other organizations and information about initiatives to support greater consistency of and capacity for academic credential assessment in Canada. We also post relevant, current information on mobility, recognition, and education on Twitter.

Through the education portal, you will find information on education systems and quality assurance in Canada's 13 provinces and territories.

We also invite you to use our “Connect.the.dots” tool to obtain information relevant to your situation or to contact us with a specific question. We regularly post on Facebook and respond to enquiries there as well.

Initiatives in Canada: consistency and capacity of academic credential assessment in Canada

CICIC has undertaken a number of important initiatives through the Building Bridges project, including those that support consistency and portability of credential assessments.

CICIC also supports the work of the Registrars for Teacher Certification Canada (RTCC), a CMEC committee of registrars from all 13 provinces and territories who are responsible for teacher certification in Canada.

For more information, consult the CICIC initiatives section.