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External review procedures for universities may involve program-accreditation or -recognition visits conducted by external committees of quality assessors, usually composed of academic peers from outside institutions or representatives from relevant professions. The findings of external reviews are usually reported to an accrediting body, government institution, or professional organization. For colleges and institutes, the external review, where implemented, is usually conducted by a government-appointed council.

Most institutions also use self-assessment methods to conduct internal reviews of the quality of specific programs and of their institutions as a whole. Public colleges and institutes may also involve program advisory committees made up of industry representatives. Programs may be reviewed on a regular cycle, and some institutions have implemented continuous improvement processes. The results of such internal reviews are often provided to government and may be considered in determining eligibility for direct (for example, grants) or indirect (for example, government-based student-loan revenues) public funding.

Comprehensive review of this information: February 2009