Prepare for an assessment of your credentials and qualifications

To work outside Canada, you may be asked to have your academic credentials and/or professional qualifications assessed and recognized by an organization in your country of destination.

Through this assessment process, you will be asked to provide proof of your academic credentials, which might include:
  • diploma(s) or degree certificate(s);
  • transcript(s)/mark sheets/index;
  • detailed course outline(s).
You may also be asked to provide proof of your professional qualifications, which might include:
  • a certificate of competency or qualification;
  • a professional qualification certificate or licence to practise;
  • confirmation of work experience in your field.

If the documents are not in the country of destination's official language, an official/certified translation may be required. It is strongly recommended that you gather all supporting documents while you are still in Canada to facilitate the process.

Visit the Web site of the regulatory body for more information on its specific requirements, or use CICIC's Directory of International Labour-Mobility Resources to find some of the national information centres abroad.