Get information on mutual recognition agreements

Some regulatory bodies or professional associations in Canada have negotiated mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) with other organizations outside Canada. In some cases, such MRAs are directly negotiated directly between two or more countries or regions.

If you already hold a licence, certificate, or registration with such an organization in Canada or intend to settle in a signatory country or region, this could facilitate the recognition of your professional qualifications outside Canada.

Use the search engine below to locate your country of destination and get information on MRAs for your occupation.

You may also wish to consult organizations in Canada, such as your current:
  • regulatory body;
  • professional association.
Either may be able to provide information on:
  • professional mobility opportunities;
  • accessing professional networks or other organizations abroad related to your field/qualifications.

Search CICIC's Directory of Occupational Profiles to find this information.