Get information on your intended occupation outside Canada

Before leaving Canada to work abroad, you may wish to find out:
  • whether your intended occupation is regulated in your country of destination;
  • which organization in your country of destination is responsible for the recognition of your credentials and qualifications;
  • what is the procedure for obtaining a credential assessment for internationally trained individuals.
To obtain this information, you can contact the country's:
  • national information centre;*
  • ministry or department responsible for the labour market and employment;
  • regulatory body or professional association for your occupation.

CICIC's Directory of International Labour-Mobility Resources provides contact information for some countries.


What is a national information centre?

The national information centre is usually an organization affiliated with/mandated by the competent authority to answer public inquiries and provide information on:
  • mobility opportunities for study or work purposes;
  • education systems, recognized educational institutions, and academic programs;
  • assessment and recognition of international academic credentials to study or work.