Choose an opportunity offered by an organization outside Canada

Various economic, cultural and/or political factors might influence the labour market in your country of destination.

Research on current and projected labour-market trends might prove useful when deciding to pursue work opportunities outside Canada. It will enable you to learn about:
  • the number of current job vacancies and their geographic location within the country;
  • average wages;
  • various employers looking for qualifications similar to yours;
  • the long-term outlook for occupations related to your qualifications;
  • current unemployment/employment levels.
To obtain this information, you can contact the country's:
  • embassy or consulate in Canada;
  • ministry or department responsible for the labour market and employment;
  • regulatory body or professional association for your occupation;
  • public or private job-search services;
  • national information centre.1

CICIC's Directory of International Labour-Mobility Resources provides contact information for some countries.

If you intend to return to Canada later on, either to work or to pursue further studies, we strongly recommend you consult CICIC's comprehensive information on academic credential recognition in Canada.

1. If you are unable to locate the national information centre in CICIC's Directory of International Labour Mobility Resources, it is possible that none exists for that specific country.


What is a national information centre?

The national information centre is usually an organization affiliated with/mandated by the competent authority to answer public inquiries and provide information on:
  • mobility opportunities for study or work purposes;
  • education systems, recognized educational institutions, and academic programs;
  • assessment and recognition of international academic credentials to study or work.