Choose an opportunity offered by an organization in Canada

Many organizations in Canada offer opportunities to gain international work experience. These can be short- or long-term.

You could participate in international activities such as:
  1. an international volunteer program;
  2. a paid professional exchange program;
  3. a work-and-learn program;
  4. a new business venture.

Search on-line for contact information on Canadian organizations or companies. Then, contact them directly about specific international activities of interest and how to proceed.

What international activities are available?

  1. A number of organizations seek volunteers to work in other countries. Some of them are listed below:
  2. For more information on opportunities to work in international development, consult the Government of Canada's resources.

  3. Some organizations offer opportunities for their staff to work in their offices outside Canada. Contact your employer for more information.

  4. If you plan to study abroad, you may also have the option of working during this study period. Contact your educational institution of choice in Canada or in your destination country.

  5. Explore the possibility of launching a new business venture outside Canada with links to Canadian companies. Contact an embassy or consulate in Canada for more information.